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import imp
import logging
import sys

import six

from django.conf import settings

from nine.versions import DJANGO_GTE_1_7

from .conf import get_setting

__title__ = ''
__author__ = 'Artur Barseghyan <>'
__copyright__ = '2013-2018 Artur Barseghyan'
__license__ = 'GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1'
__all__ = ('autodiscover',)

logger = logging.getLogger(__file__)

# In Django a dotted path can be used up to the app config class. In
# such cases the old-school auto-discovery of modules doesn't work but we
# have a great Django `autodiscover_modules` tool then. In cases if Django
# version is >= 1.7, we use the Django `autodiscover_modules` tool falling back
# to our own implementation of it otherwise.
if DJANGO_GTE_1_7:
    from django.utils.module_loading import autodiscover_modules
    def autodiscover_modules(module_name):
        for app in settings.INSTALLED_APPS:
                app = str(app)
                app_path = __import__(
            except (AttributeError, TypeError) as e:

                imp.find_module(module_name, app_path)
            except ImportError as e:
            __import__('{0}.{1}'.format(app, module_name))

[docs]def autodiscover(): """Auto-discovers files that should be found by dash.""" # For Python 3 we need to increase the recursion limit, otherwise things # break. What we want is to set the recursion limit back to its' initial # value after all plugins have been discovered. recursion_limit = 1500 default_recursion_limit = sys.getrecursionlimit() if six.PY3 and recursion_limit > default_recursion_limit: sys.setrecursionlimit(recursion_limit) PLUGINS_MODULE_NAME = get_setting('PLUGINS_MODULE_NAME') LAYOUTS_MODULE_NAME = get_setting('LAYOUTS_MODULE_NAME') # Discover plugins autodiscover_modules(PLUGINS_MODULE_NAME) # Discover layouts autodiscover_modules(LAYOUTS_MODULE_NAME) if six.PY3 and recursion_limit > default_recursion_limit: sys.setrecursionlimit(default_recursion_limit)